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10/27/18 Connecticut 169 Club Authors Event

Sat. 10/27 3:00-4:00 Authors Event: Connecticut 169 Club by Martin Podskoch Join us as we celebrate the release of the Connecticut 169 Club travel book with a free wine & cheese reception featuring local authors! Signed books available for purchase. Be inspired to visit every town, city and village in the State of CT. The book has a space for journaling and a place to gather a stamp, sticker or signature, from every municipality visited. Each will have a write-up which will include interesting facts about the locale, great places to eat or visit and more. 8 1/2 x 11 hard cover book with 368 pages, hundreds of photos & maps, and an excellent index. The reward for visiting all 169 CT towns, cities and villages will be a “Leatherman” patch, named after the famed Leatherman who traveled to many areas of Connecticut.  

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